Trippy and Surreal Photos From Burning Man 2015

The Rolling Stone – Staff – September 10, 2015
Fire, dust, metal and thousands of artists and radicals combine for a desert spectacle like no other.


An estimated 70,000 people converged on the Nevada desert this past week for the annual Burning Man festival, a self-described “crucible of creativity” in which artists and radicals express themselves in surprising ways. Seeing the festival’s stunning creations and meeting the avant-garde free spirits who created them can make for a unique journey into the surreal. Here’s what it looked like this year. Photos by Scott London.


Burning Man takes place in a temporary city in the heart of the Black Rock Desert — a sun-ravaged place subject to extreme temperatures, fierce winds and choking dust storms. This year, participants at the event experienced their fair share of all three.


If Instagram is any guide, “Dream” — the latest in a series of 12-foot steel sculptures by Laura Kimpton and Jeff Schomberg — was the most popular venue for selfies and snapshots at Burning Man 2015


Burners waited in line for the chance to enter “Storied Haven,” a giant metal installation in the shape of an old boot created by the Oakland-based artist collective Five Ton Crane.


David, a San Francisco–based stylist and designer, wore white fur and an ornate headpiece made of beads, feathers and pom poms.


Tosca, a Los Angeles–based roue cyr performer, displayed some impressive acrobatic tricks out in the deep playa.


The Gap Jumper XG, a old plane repurposed as an art car, featured psychedelic steam and flame effects.


Tens of thousands gathered on Saturday night to watch the 60-foot man go up in flames amid an explosion of fireworks and gas bombs


Cruising around the playa at night in a mutant vehicle like “The Numbskull” — an art installation on wheels created by Craig Backer — is, um, a no-brainer.


For many, the Burning Man experience is synonymous with transcendental sunrise sets in the deep playa from world class DJs — like Lee Burridge, seen here on a chilly but beautiful Saturday morning.

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